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Welcome to Phoenix DUI Lawyer

Phoenix DUI Lawyer

welcome_imgThis article focuses on the topic of the Phoenix DUI lawyer, a professional whom hopefully you will not need. If you, or someone you know, ever is facing a DUI or DWI charge, get a defense lawyer immediately, and if possible one who specializes in DUI/DWI defense. If you have a DUI charge in Phoenix, the penalty is extremely harsh to ideally deter people from driving on the Phoenix streets and highways. It is an extremely dangerous situation for a person to be behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Phoenix DUI lawyer is well worth the cost should you ever be arrested for a DUI or DWI.

Arizona penalties and defenses for a DUI

The Phoenix DUI lawyer knows that you should be aware of the range of convictions and defenses if you are ever arrested for such a serious offense. Most importantly, never plead guilty to a DUI charge, and contact a DUI attorney right away. There are some very reputable and successful lawyers who specialize in the defense of drunk driving (DWI) and driving under the influence of drugs (DUI) charges. If you have a conviction on your record of either charge it can have a bad impact on your life. Hire a DUI lawyer for any drunk driving or under the influence of drugs charge. One will gladly explain all the defenses, and will negotiate with the court to a much lesser charge than if you simply and foolishly plead guilty.

Here is a list of several out of the ten Arizona Criminal Penalties and Motor Vehicle Division Charges for a DUI:

  • First DUI offense
  • Second DUI offense
  • Extreme DUI without a previous conviction
  • Extreme DUI with a previous conviction
  • Aggravated DUI without a valid driver’s license


Phoenix DUI Lawyer: First DUI offense in Arizona

A first DUI charge in Arizona is serious, so you should let a DUI attorney represent you and negotiate for a lesser penalty than if you plead guilty. If you plead guilty, and are convicted for a first DUI offense, you will spend at least one to ten days in jail. You could spend as much as six months in jail for the first conviction for a DUI in this state.  There will also be a fine of $250 to $2,500, along with surcharges and a probation that could last for five years. There will be even further penalties involved. You may have all your driving privilege restricted or suspended. If you failed a breathalyzer test, expect a ninety day driver’s license suspension if convicted. Specifically, for the first month you are not allowed to get behind the wheel at all. However, if nobody was injured from your DUI first conviction you may be able to drive on a restricted license. A good Phoenix DUI lawyer will often be able to have a breathalyzer test thrown out of the case. This can save your driver’s license.

The consequence for refusing a breath test will get you a one-year suspension from driving rather than the ninety days. If you have a commercial driver’s license you will also have that driver’s license revoked for a year. In the worst case scenario, without a defense lawyer, you could lose your commercial license completely.

Phoenix DUI Lawyer: Second DUI offense in Arizona

Hire an experienced DUI lawyer if you are now facing a second DUI or DWI conviction. Expect to serve a longer jail term if you had a previous such conviction within the past five years. The minimum jail term will be a month, with a maximum of six months.  With this wide range, it means an experienced defense attorney has the skill to negotiate your case so that in the end you will serve no jail sentence at least.

With a second DUI conviction in those five years, you will have at least a one-year driver’s license revocation. This is a harsher consequence than a driver’s license suspension. Your driver’s license will not be reinstated once that revocation period is over. You will have to apply once again for your license, and it may not necessarily be approved. For sure, you will have to convince the court that you no longer drink alcohol.  Today, just as in some other states, if this is a second offense conviction for a DUI, you will have to buy, and install a vehicle interlock device. You will also have a high monthly fee to pay if you use this device. You will have to drive with this device equipped in your vehicle for a minimum of one year once your driver’s license is restored. Certainly, hire a good Phoenix DUI lawyer if this is your second conviction in less than five years.

Extreme DUI with a previous conviction

If you are convicted of what’s known as an extreme DUI with a prior conviction, and you had one less than five years ago, you will face a 120 day stay in an Arizona jail minimum. The maximum sentence will be six months. An extreme DUI means that you had a very high level of a drug or drugs in your body while driving. It is extremely dangerous to you and others, which is why the penalty is so severe.  An ignition interlock device will be mandated while you drive once again. You are advised to set an appointment for a free confidential consultation with a DUI Phoenix lawyer if you reside in this city.

Aggravated DUI without a valid driver’s license

This is labeled a Class Four Felony in which a prison term is mandated if convicted. You will not be allowed to serve in a work release program. It is possible, if you have a seasoned defense lawyer, and are fortunate with the judge’s decision, that you will be allowed to work in a work release program. An experienced defense lawyer may also be able to negotiate a lesser charge. The prison term will be a minimum of three years if you are convicted, unless you have a good defense attorney who can negotiate this from three years to four months in prison. There would be probation time in place any prison time, however.

Aggravated DUI charge

Be advised that you are facing prison time if convicted of an aggravated DUI charge. Your personal freedom and property are in jeopardy if convicted of this charge.  Plead not guilty and contact a Phoenix DUI lawyer right away.  This is a felony charge which requires at least three years revocation of your driver’s license. Once the three years are up, you must apply for a new license and hope that it is approved by the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department.  If the MVD sees you as a risk driving on the streets, you will still be without a driver’s license after the three year period. Furthermore, the Ignition Interlock Device is mandatory to be installed on your vehicle if you are found guilty of an Aggravated DUI. The State of Arizona may even take your vehicle from you legally.

If you represent yourself in court over a DUI or DWI charge, you are setting yourself up to be found guilty, and will probably receive a maximum jail or prison term, with the maximum fines. So, be wise, and hire a fine Phoenix DUI lawyer if you are going to trial for any DUI violation because s/he will negotiate with the court to bring a much lesser penalty imposed upon you.

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